The members of Serviceteam Skagen offer the below listed services and products:

  • Construction and repair of fishing vessels, cargo ships and yachts
  • Repair, maintenance and sale of engines and machinery
  • Maritime power installations and electronic control systems
  • Pipe,insulation and cooling technology
  • Hydraulics and ventilation
  • Painting and sand blasting
  • Design and engineering
  • Diving services
  • Production and repair of trawl and fishing gear
  • Crane and truck services
  • Fish auction and fish sorting 
  • Fishing industry
  • Port services
  • Production of fish boxes and plastic products
  • Shipping, stevedoring and logistics
  • Bunkering, provisioning and logistics
  • Piloting and towing
  • Maritime educations
  • Financial consulting



Serviceteam Skagen is a maritime network that consists of 40+ companies. The members are either geographically located within the port area or have interest in the port activities in Skagen. Skagen is located on the top of the European continent and is the largest fishing port in Denmark. At Serviceteam Skagen, we collaborate and focus on the customers’ projects.    

One Stop

Based on a high level of experience, quality and flexibility, Serviceteam Skagen offers One-Stop service 365 days a year to all sailing customers including fishing vessels, cargo ships, and yachts.

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